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Summoned from an unknown dimension by Balor during the Great War, the Fetch are something of an enigma, as they do not share their culture with others, or even their names, if in fact they possess any. It is known that all Fetch that exist in the world of Myth are female, and furthermore that they are all priestesses, though other information on Fetch social structure is scarce. Having been isolated from their home realm, most Fetch are incredibly angry creatures, and were it not for the possibility of being returned to their own world, they would likely react to all beings in Myth with hostility. After the defeat of Balor, who vowed to return them to their home after his conquest was complete, the Fetch are left without a foreseeable means to return to their dimension. Sixty years later, when Soulblighter promises to honor Balor's agreement, the Fetch take up the cause of the Dark once again, but with his death they are once again stranded, alien creatures in a world that they despise. 

Physical Characteristics

 Fetch concept art by Robert McLees
The Fetch are typified by withered, lice-ridden skin, which they take from those they have personally killed. It is unclear whether or not this practice is born out of some practical necessity, but it is clear that Fetch take no small amount of pride in displaying these "trophies" of their victims. Aside from their skin, it is also notable that the mouths of Fetch are frequently stitched shut, and that two horns protrude from the tops of their heads. While Fetch seldom socialize, when they do speak their voices have been noted as being surprisingly mellifluous, even angelic. 
Though Fetch are not known to carry weapons, they are far from defenseless. Issuing forth directly from their wrinkled fingertips, they can command powerful lighting bolts toward targets of their choosing, making them one of the most powerful ranged units in Myth. Mirroring their mysterious otherworldly nature, Fetch also have one of the most peculiar death sequences in the series. When killed in any fashion which does not dismember it, the body of a Fetch appears to fall to the ground as if being sloughed off. At the same time, some spectral entity, presumably either the soul of the Fetch or its true form, shoots from its mouth and flies straight into the sky, accompanied by an unnatural wail.

Role in the Series

Commanding the powers of lightning, Fetch are a unique unit in the Myth series. While their attack might be considered an analogue of the dwarven molotov by some, it is superior in a couple of ways. First and perhaps foremost, it is much more reliable, as Fetch lightning will unerringly hit its target if the unit's line-of-sight is unobstructed. The lightning itself also has deflection properties, meaning arrows, javelins, and bottles can be blasted aside by a well-timed bolt. Finally, their attacks are generally not as dangerous to friendly units since, unlike Dwarves, Fetch killed in mid-attack are not in any danger of taking out nearby units. 
The aforementioned deflective properties of Fetch lightning were particularly popular in Myth multiplayer matches, where a practice known as "carpet bombing" became prevalent. In order to properly use said tactic, a player must have both Fetch and Dwarves (preferably Heroes, since they throw higher). The general idea is to throw a molotov or group of molotovs before quickly switching to the Fetch in order to use their lightning to propel them great distances. While an incredibly dangerous and often unrewarded practice, with training it is possible to exert a fair amount of control over the trajectory of the bottles and strike enemies who are much too far away to retaliate.

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