Is this proper one on one fighting, or just pressing promts?

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Title really.
Does it track your movements, or are you just hitting promts to hit. 

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@SuperSambo:  I really think so, although i'm not a fan of 360
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Looking at videos of it in action - I would say the latter.  I suspect Kinnect Sports Boxing actually tracks better given it uses your avatar and thus microsofts tracking code.  Plus on the giant bomb video, the dude playing couldn't get a headbutt to register, and when he does a spinning backfist - the player doesn't need to actually spin.
Dissapointing in the extreme.

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No, it is not based on prompts.  Yes, it does track your movement, but not 1:1. 
Think of it more like an extension of gesture controls.  You perform an action to trigger a canned animation/attack.  You can't simply hop in and start fighting however you like - you're making specific movements to trigger specific in-game actions.  
Sometimes it's fairly obvious and seems like 1:1 (like a straight punch).  Other times it's things like placing one foot behind another and leaning forward to do a roundhouse kick.  It also means you have to learn all the possible moves, just like you would for a character in Street Fighter.

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