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Lately I've been wanting to make a role playing forum. Like you know an internet message board that people can role play in, be whoever they want, do whatever they want, that sort of thing. But I don't know if anyone would join, I could probably get my friend to join, and maybe even my uncle, but I three people is hardly a community. It would be loosely set in the FFVIII universe, meaning that it would take place in the universe, but you could do pretty much anything you want.

You could control a character, or even multiple characters if you wanted to. You could pretty much create a character for your thread and basically live out a normal life or an extraordinary life. Come home from work/school and put that your character was gardening or something, I don't know. Or you could battle with other people on the forum, and interact with them. The possibilities are limitless. You could solo it and just stick to role playing with yourself, or you could do it with other people. You could form a party with other players and raid dungeons, you can do anything. I think it's an amazing idea and I can't wait to set it up.

I know how to set such a thing up, but again, the problem I don't know anyone who would join. So would anyone here be interested in helping me get such a thing started? Or perhaps you know someone who might be interested? Or perhaps you just want to chill out in off-topic and just talk with other people outside of the game? Please make any suggestions, I'm open to ideas.

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