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169173 ECW28 Game Overview 03/26/15 08:06PM 2 Denied
145469 BigJeffrey Game Overview 11/11/14 09:41PM 22 Approved
145468 BigJeffrey Game Releases 11/11/14 09:40PM 203 Approved
145466 BigJeffrey New Release 11/11/14 09:38PM 7 Approved
145465 BigJeffrey New Release 11/11/14 09:38PM 7 Approved
145464 BigJeffrey New Release 11/11/14 09:38PM 7 Approved
145438 BigJeffrey Game Overview 11/11/14 05:06PM 82 Approved
136595 BigJeffrey Game Overview 09/18/14 09:19AM 3 Approved
77626 TheBrainninja Game Overview Corrected "resolves" to "revolves" in the first line of paragraph "Paradoxes." Similar sound, different meaning; you cannot "resolve around" something, to be specific. Also modified the syntax to flow better, but that's stylistic rather than grammatical. 12/27/13 07:17AM 1 Approved
76884 Coreus Game Overview added section about fragments and paradoxes. 12/23/13 09:43AM 136 Approved
40071 bobafettjm Game Overview 07/01/13 07:08AM 6 Approved
36629 KamasamaK Game Releases 06/16/13 09:20AM 172 Approved
34550 BlackLagoon New Release 06/07/13 03:23AM 7 Approved
34549 BlackLagoon Game Overview 06/07/13 03:22AM 3 Approved
5819 Jerowyn Game Overview Functional mirror near the beginning of the game. 02/19/13 01:49PM 2 Approved

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