"The figure that still lies asleep in the fantasy"

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This contains spoilers to the end of XIII. Couldn't fit it into the title.
What do you think are the chances that the "figure" could be either Fang or Vanille? Versus' logo has a sleeping woman in front of a very familiar image (if you've played FFXIII). Do you think Fang or Vanille will be involved in some way? The newest Versus XIII Trailer showed a woman who fought with a staff/lance - the same type of weapon Fang uses, being the traditional Dragoon character of XIII. 

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It looks to me like that is Cocoon after it's been crystallized. The designs of the protruding spikes are identical to what you see at XIII's finale, inside of which Vanille and Fang have been crystallized (one could also say, asleep). 
Another thing to think about is that the figure the trailers talk about could actually be Cocoon itself, frozen in time. 

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The chances are infinitesimal.

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