FFI iPhone Version

#1 Posted by liako21 (554 posts) -

Im about to go on a long road trip and was thinking of buying FFI from the itunes store. I have read some mixed reviews about it. Have any of u played the iphone version? what was your experience like?

#2 Edited by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

It's FFI with touch controls. I personally don't like FFI, so I wouldn't buy it, but if you like the game, go for it. ...now if they made FFIV for iPhone, I'd play that during my college classes.

#3 Posted by Scottj (9 posts) -
@liako21: I would  buy Chaos Rings instead
#4 Posted by liako21 (554 posts) -

Chaos Rings looks good, it cost $13 compared to FFI which is $9.....i have a few days to think about it....

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