StreetPass teams.

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Not taken my 3DS out into the wild yet, but I'm having a lot of fun trying to come up with a StreetPass team.

Just wondering what everyone else rolls around with (if you use the feature at all). And if you've come up against any particularly amusing teams in your travels?

I'm currently running 4 Paladins, 2 Dark Knights, 2 Swordmasters, a Valkyrie and a Great Lord. It's a totally lopsided team, and I imagine most people would trounce it easily, but it's a lot of fun watching it zip around the map, free from the tyranny of archers. I'll edit the post and add some specifics when I crack open my 3DS again, but they're mostly the starting characters, with the Paladin quartet having re-classed through some of the more defensive classes for annoying staying alive skills.

I thought about re-classing everyone through assassin for lethality, just to be really lame for anyone else playing classic mode, but decided against it... I'm unsure if skills like that even work for StreetPass teams?

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The characters on your team appear in other peoples' games as they do for you. So their gear and skills all carry over. It's not something I've really put much thought into, to be honest. I just made my team based on my preferred characters.

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My team isn't the most well balanced either. I'm rolling 2 great lords, 2 sages, 1 sorcerer, 1 Dark flier, and 4 heroes. It's really just composed of my strongest dudes. I probably should rethink it a bit, but I don't spot pass too much anyways.

I actually went against a team with all lethality through spotpass. It activated twice, which meant I had to restart twice since I am in classic. I had to change up my team to include sorcerers with mire to whittle down the enemy's forces before they got to me and kited them as long as I could. Felt no shame in cheesing that fight considering the full lethality team.

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@hailinel: Thanks for the explanation! Best get to kitting everyone out with expensive things...

@c2c: Yeah, that's what put me off the whole lethality team thing, and more onto the comedy paladin team. As I imagine a horde of paladins are much more fun to contend with than the random restarts of a lethality based team.

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The important question here is, what did you name your team?

I called mine Batman Inc.

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@mideonnviscera: I went with AfternoonBrigade in an attempt at humour, due to ALL THE HORSES. Might swap to Pentadins.

Anyway, I've kinda finished finessing my team, they're hardly amazing, but they're fun.

Avatar - Swordmaster: Ignis, Vantage, Avoid +10, Swordfaire, All Stats +2.

Say'ri - Swordmaster: Astra, Vantage, Avoid +10, Swordfaire, All Stats +2.

Chrom - Paladin: Aether, Charm, Rightful King, Aegis, All Stats +2.

Lucina - Paladin: Aether, Vantage, Rightful King, Aegis, All Stats +2.

Kjelle - Paladin: Aether, Vantage, Pavise, Aegis, All Stats +2.

Sully - Paladin: Astra, Vantage, Swordfaire, Aegis, All Stats +2.

Stahl - Paladin: Astra, Vantage, Swordfaire, Aegis, All Stats +2.

Lissa - Valkyrie: Miracle, Rally Magic, Healtouch, Tomefaire, All Stats +2.

Miriel - Dark Knight: Lifetaker, Magic +2, Tomefaire, Slow Burn, All Stats +2.

Ricken - Dark Knight: Lifetaker, Magic +2, Tomefaire, Slow Burn, All Stats +2.

I think Kjelle is the star of the show, as she's almost impossible to kill; due to Pavise & Aegis keeping her from getting one shot, then vantage kicking in, and Aether healing her back up. Would've liked some better skills for Chrom and Lissa, but I can't really be bothered to re-class them more... Also, entire team is screwed if the enemy is using beast killing weapons, but who does that? Right..?

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You're also screwed if they are a Taguel fan. Even without beast killers, a decently leveled Pan or Yarne (or possibly Taguel Morgan) are threats to that team :P

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My team is a bunch of Galeforcers. They don't all have useful other skills yet though.

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