When do I start getting more gold?

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Yo, folks. Finally got the game now that physical copies are starting to appear in the wild. I've played up to Chapter 5 so far and unlocked the DLC portal. I'm still rolling with what I have left of the starting 5000 gold, though, and I'm wondering when I'll start getting more. Any early game money advice?

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I want to say that Chapter 5 is when you start seeing Bullion drops. Also around that time you should start see random risen spawns that can provide you with gold. I'm only to chapter 8, but I think I've made somewhere around an extra 8k gold so far.

EDIT: Which I spent immediately.

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@StarvingGamer: Awesome. Thanks for the tip.

I just want to buy Nino!

Wait! I mean, buy Nino's services.

No! I mean, hire Nino to murder dudes with magic.

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@Hailinel: You can also get them by fighting them, which may be hard since Nino is level 10.

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@StarvingGamer said:

@Hailinel: You can also get them by fighting them, which may be hard since Nino is level 10.

I know. The battle is insanely difficult for where I'm at right now, so it's either wait until I can take Nino in a fight or wait until I have the cash to spend.

Also need to give the first DLC map another shot. The one go I had of it so far, Chrom bit the dust courtesy of Lyn. Ouch.

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