defias's FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (PC) review

A game that is great fun

I didn't care much for the previous versions of this game but when I bought this one for the pc. I was truly surprised at how much fun this game is. Its fun to be driving real fast and taking out other cars much like burnout. Actually it pretty much is burnout with more mini games and more emphasis on destruction of cars. The racing is pleasing with the destructable enviroments and bashing into other cars to gain nitro. Honestly I really enjoy the game it is worth a rental for a fun time with all the minigames like: destruction derby, Football, Baseball, Basketball, ring of fire and many others, all mini games except for Destruction Derby invovles launching your driver out the wind shield and directing him into doing someting such as landing in a net. This is a hastely written review but I am very much happy with buying the game

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Posted by Defias

I was caught up the hype of the game and I have no frame of reference for previous installments so please check out other reviews. Its a solid game still but I may want to revise and rewrite my review

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