That $%@# Pure Trophy

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Does it defeat the purpose of Flower to be waste time talking about trophies? Too bad, I'm going to do it anyway.

How on (Mother) earth are you supposed to get the Pure trophy?!? Before I knew there was a trophy, I figured it was inevitable that you would be hit, that it was part of the story. I've gone back and tried a couple times, but always hit something right away. The guide here on GB isn't much help, though I can't really think of anything else the guide could possible say. This isn't a complicated game.

Has anyone achieved this trophy? The statistics say at least someone has...

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Never done it myself. Best help I can offer is this guide, which has a video of someone getting it.

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I got the pure trophy just by playing it over once or twice, it wasn't a big deal though so I can't really help beyond telling you something dumb like "get a feel for your mass" so you know where you can 'fit' without being zapped.

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That was quite some time ago but from what I remember, I took it very slowly and carefully.

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