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Playable Countries

New Almekia

Formerly the Kingdom of Padstow, King Coel relinquished control of his country to Prince Lance in order to defeat the Esgares Empire and to restore the Kingdom of Almekia.


Known as the country of tigers and wolves and ruled by the White Wolf King Vaynard, Norgard's harsh snowy climate is reputed to be home to the strongest warriors of all of Forsena.


A small country surrounded in mist and ripe with mystery, Caerleon is ruled by the smartest man on the continent: King Cai. Caerleon also enjoys friendly relations with New Almekia to the North.


A secluded country surrounded by tall mountains and shielded by religious fervor, Leonia is ruled by the young and fragile looking Queen Lyonesse.


Ruled by the whimsical Mad King Dryst, this wilderness laden nation is run by a collection of oddballs, madmen and clowns. Its populace suffers daily.

Esgares Empire

Formerly the Kingdom of Almekia which had brought peace to the continent of Forsena many years ago, stands the newly established Esgares Empire. Forged in fire and by the spilling of blood, this country emerged overnight after Commander Zemekis staged a coup de tat.

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