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No one seems to be discussing the present day stuff in AC4 so here's a thread about that. If you've not listenned to the Desmond and subject 0 audio logs you should go hack some computers and come back when you're done. Seriously, go do that, this stuff is suprisingly well produced.

So I found the implications of the subject 0 tapes quite interesting. I wouldn't be suprised if they made AC4-2 next year but in 2015 AC5 might be set in WW2.

So what did you think of all the weird stuff you can get in the present day? What'up with the story of the little girl and her uncle? Who is this mysterious templar agent with a 3 year old daughter? Are Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs really taking place in the same universe?

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I think it is heavily implied at that AC and Watch_Dogs are in the same universe. If you remember Olivier (the COO?) went on a business trip to Chicago and was reported missing.... Watch_Dogs is taking place in Chicago... Those are just my two cents.... Do you think it is possible they delayed Watch_Dogs for story reasons? It doesn't seem likely but who knows the developers at Ubisoft Montreal are doing a great job right now...

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@thestandardtoaster: yeah, the whole shareholder meeting thing never got resolved. Maybe it's a watchdogs thing. Are you sure it the meeting is in Chicago?

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Just to back up the whole AC Watchdogs connection, there is a memo that you find when hacking that directly mentions the ctOS system in Chicago, so I think it's pretty safe to assume they are in the same universe.

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Yeah Ubi have been tying all the universes together, Farcry is also in the same universe (at least 3, there's all those Abstergo bases in one of the DLC side contents for that game).

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Not sure if they're commited to the whole shared universe thing 100% though. They're sticking to Easter eggs for now. No direct story beats have been shared between games. I'm curious if they'll change that in watchdogs. Worked pretty well for comic books and marvel movies

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@pyrodactyl: I'm pretty sure they said the shareholders meeting was in Chicago...

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I'm sure it's just easter egg stuff. The way Ubisoft makes games all of the people have some small hand in all of their games so it makes sense they would sneak that stuff in.

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ubisoft just needs to close this loop and relabel themselves as "abstergo entertainment"

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There's a secret dig against all the people who didn't like AC3.

One of the hacked files is a Market Analysis of Connor Kenway. In it they recommend passing on his character because "although his early life would be of some interest to our more educated viewers" he lacks broader market appeal, being "too 'foreign' to normal audiences".

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@starvinggamer: It would be a pity if that was the lesson they learned from AC 3. Connor as a character had issues, but being native american was not one of them.

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@pyrodactyl: We will just have to wait and see. So far, there has been no implications of it, but all that I have seen of WatchDogs' makes me think of a modern day Assassins Creed.