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I want to show my friends a funny bit from a bombcast and I believe they'll like the part where they are joking about the phrase "Vinny's House" and how it sounded like a rehab/social center. Not sure if it was with him though nor do I remember which episode it was from. Can anyone help?

Any other parts that I should show them? The infamous narc thing?

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in my experience the humor is hard to translate to outsiders .. my brother doesnt give a shit about giantbomb ... but he does find vinny funny , so i guess thats a good starting point

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Haze and Jonathan Davis. Pre-GB but the spirit is there!

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Chris with the white car

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Check out the "This Year" collection of podcasts. They have created a "best of" Giant Bomb podcasts for 2008 - 2012, including some of the "Arrow Pointing Down" podcasts before Giant Bomb was a thing.


Do a search for Giant Bomb.

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