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I love this theme so much and was looking for a direct link to it versus lifting it from the end of the GOTY podcasts. Thanks for the Foxtrot!

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Nailed it again, duder. I often skip the end theme of a podcast to get to another one, but the ending of these GOTY bombcasts have been one of the things I've been looking forward to.

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I just wanted to say this is amazing, and thanks for sharing!

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@keyswithsoul: Great composition duder! I zee you only credit your self as a pianist on your website. Did you have other musicians come in for the drums and guitar? It doesn't sound like sampled drums and the groove relationship between all the instruments is great. Regardless of the answer to that, bravo sir!

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Does anyone know where I can get a full length version of the rap man instrumental?

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This theme is fantastic.

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@xanadu I do have a group, but this theme was all me. I did all of the tracks digitally. I don't used canned grooves, so I make everything from scratch.

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Awesome job on that theme for the GotY stuff. Sooo great. And TY for posting the link...can't get enough of those sweet sounds. :]

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@keyswithsoul: You're making my hopes of becoming a studio drummer look very bleak :( Kudos to all of it man, it all sounded authentic to me.