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Jeff turned the whole thing upside down with his picks for the ending music. This week's was particularly effective. Past weeks have had old Bombcast theme songs from years past. Great stuff.


It was the NintenDownload X-press theme music.

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Did you need to both create a new thread and bump and old one for this?

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As I've said before, the NDX thread is stickied. Outside of being a minor inconvenience for those browsing all Giant Bomb threads at once, I don't see it as a major issue that I created two comments about this.

One was about whether the latest Bombcast should be an honorary NDX, and this is more general, discussing how cool the music has been.

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Haven't heard this week's one yet, but I think my favourite ending might still be the Twilight Zone theme (and fart sound) played when they did their first Bombcast in the new office.