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Hey, yesterday I started two polls "Bombcast at its worst when..." and "Bombcast at its best when...", the "best" poll got deleted by a moderator by accident. He thought (and in retrospect with good reason) that it was a duplicate of my other poll.

Since just having the "worst" poll seems pointless I decided to re-post the "best" poll via this forum post. It will probably not have as many views nor votes but there you go.

Bombcast at its best when: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bombcast/32/poll-part-2-bombcast-thrivesthrived-when/556077/

Bombcast at its worst when: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bombcast/32/the-bombcast-iswas-at-its-worst-when/555999/#67

The reason the proposed answers are the same is because A) I wanted to see if the community would contradict itself, B) because something loved by one person can be hated by another.

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I fail to see what discussion value this thread has outside of promoting two existing threads.

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Point A would make sense if you were sure the same people were participating in each poll but I'm sure some like myself only took part in one or the other. Either way though who really cares?

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E or F. End of discussion. And I still love tomatoes.

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@FLStyle: last time I just posted the two polls but one of them got deleted because it was confusing, that's why i posted this thread to explain it.

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@laserbolts: yes since it got deleted there's no way that the results will ever be equal, and I care that's why I started the poll.