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Has anyone or any group of ones compiled all of Vinny's Vinnco products in one location? I feel like this is a thing that prolly exists but for the life of me I can't seem to find it.

If not, could people please list any of the products they remember here? The only one that comes to mind is the gravlift arcade machine movement thing because... well, because it's a shirt =P

Thanks duders!

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The Maglift arcade moving service is the one I remember.

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I was wearing my Vinnco shirt out last week and someone asked me if I had their number because they needed to move some old pinball machines. I kind of wanted to go with the practical joke but it was early in the day and I was lazy.

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To date, aside from the shirt thread, this bullshit thread I made campaigning to make it GOTY stuff, the bridge constructor quick look, the video some dude made establishing the Vinn Co. lore, a couple of things I remember from bombcasts that are vaguely VinnCo-related are:

- Infinite Vinnies (Gameshark required) and the "Internal Device Enterface"

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- Bootleg Vinny's homemade medigel made from mayonnaise (which may or may not have been put in the microwave);

- Some sort of hinged bucket for use in zero-G experiments involving covering everything in a water-repelling substance (recent bombcast)

- if Drew counts as a member of Vinnco, then the same recent bombcast he goes on about creating an anti-gravity room (although Drew's childhood friend's idea to achieve this was by sucking out all the air of the room).

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I believe a usb-like device that you could plug into yourself to charge your phones, etc was on a recent bombcast.