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Can anyone link me to the podcast he told this story in?

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Shut up bitch. 
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I hav no idea where it is
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I don't know which one it is but that is a great story. Its defiantly an 08 bombcast, at least I think it is.

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I sort of remember him talking about this.
I think it was in the P4 ER, though. Not the bombcast.

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I do know that it is an earlier one. Is this the incident where he went to school with it on and had to turn it inside out?

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Oh you mean the one when the theacher make him turn his t-shirt inside-out? Would love to hear that.

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Yeah. Wherever it came from, I'd like to hear it again. Might be worth it to run through some ER's for.

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I believe it was in response to some Turbografx conversion.

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Thanks to this guy, I listened to this just the other day, totally recommend it... Best of the best- great channel
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It was in a bombcast, a very early one if I remember correctly.  
I do remember that he had to wear it backwards for the rest of the day though, and that he came to school late so that it would make the biggest impact. 
You know it may even be one of the early arrow point down podcasts

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@Choi: That's it exactly, thanks!