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Whoever is editing the podcast, can you please stop layering music and sound under what people are saying. It seems like a nice idea when you're editing them, I know, but it's not when you're listening to it. I appreciate the time it takes to make these things and the effort required, so I say this with the upmost respect.

Music detracts from what people are saying, makes it hard to hear people when you're using public transport, and finally, not everyone's mind makes the same associations as everyone else. What seems perfectly fitting for you, might me the most jarring choice for someone else. I listen to the bombcast for the people the knowledge and the high production value.

I, and I think many others, don't listen to the Bombcast to hear the audio equivalent of clip-art.

Please, stop it, I beg you.


#52 Posted by Party (134 posts) -

@meanrockd: That response was some of the most articulate and reasonable responses I've seen on the internet in a while. That gives me hope.

#53 Posted by Chris (141 posts) -

Added sound and editing was a great addition, I thought.

#54 Posted by AngriGhandi (875 posts) -

"Not everyone's mind makes the same associations as everyone else"

If that was a consideration they had to make, then the podcast wouldn't try to be funny either.

-I mean, talk about subjective! I don't even understand half of these drug references!

Stick to the facts, guys.

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OP hates happiness in all forms.

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I loved it!