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I don't think it's any secret that there's been some concern in the community about the enthusiasm level of the members of the Bombcast in general the past year or so. Right or wrong many people have expressed concern that Jeff in particular can't seem to get that pumped for games these days. With that said, did you duders get a similar impression for Dan and Jason after the last Bombcast? I thought they seemed to have a pretty positive outlook over all. Lots of good things said about games coming out of E3 and several other games in general. Thoughts?

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Things will be alright

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If the last podcast was any indication, things are looking good. Dan and Jason sound like they'll fit in just fine. Jeff seems like he's been perking up a lot more than usual lately, too -- maybe he's excited about what's to come.

I'm enthusiastic.

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It's probably easier to be positive when you aren't critically understaffed and still feel as if you need to put out the same amount, if not more content.

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If you just look at thet "AAA scene" sure there isn't that much to get excited about. Even Nintendo with all the awesome games they showed still is just a good bunch of games to look foward to. Nothing that special. Vidja games have their ups and downs.

That said there is a lot more to video games than the blockbusters. There are a ton of indie games and of course there is nothing wrong with busting out an old copy of Zillion and getting your Master System on.

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Jeff was already much more positive and engaged in last week's UPF. That's what one Brad-free week will do for office morale.

Kidding! Just kidding!

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Things are looking up!

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Well Dan has always been the super positive guy on the Power Bombcast even when everyone else was pretty much down on the state of wrestling in general.

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I don't know how you can be negative when Dan starts popping off with same whacky ass pranks.

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Jeff was super enthusiastic on the last Jar Time. I have no concerns.

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The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

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The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

Was it established that both Dan and Jason will be on the Bombcast every week? Going back to 4 wouldn't be too terrible, and plus I can't tell them apart either.

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We'll have to see after they settle in and get comfortable with the site. There's probably a lot of enthusiasm right now because its all new and exciting. Hopefully that will last, because we lost of lot of positivity from the west coast with Vinny leaving for NY. I know I feel a lot more enthusiastic about the site in general as opposed to when the Vinny news first broke. Things are looking a lot more promising then they did at first, in my humble opinion. The new duders seemed excited to pump out some content, so that's good.

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The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

I don't think they will both be on every bombcast. I would guess mostly just Dan.

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@iceman228433 said:

The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

I don't think they will both be on every bombcast. I would guess mostly just Dan.

But we'll get used to it either way. I can't tell who's talking every time I start a new podcast. You eventually figure it out.

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@giantlizardking said:

@iceman228433 said:

The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

...I can't tell them apart either.

I knew I couldn't be the only one! Is it just because we're more familiar with the old duders voices, or do the new duders sound almost identical? Dan seems to have a more midwestern accent, but even that doesn't help me distinguish them much.

I'm really excited for the new Duders and I know they'll do an awesome job, but for some reason this whole thing has made me miss Ryan and Vinny (Yes I know he's still alive) terribly.... I know they can never be replaced, but in many ways their roles on the site are now being filled by others.

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Excited. Dan is super qualified from all of that time at GI, and Jason knows Fighting Games. All is well.

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I'm sure the new guys were the best fit for GB and I'm excited to see their stuff. I think that for such a small and thight group correct personalities are a must.

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The duders are the duders. This site still feels like family, with it's ups and downs, and overall I know they'll make me smile every week.

And the new duders are welcome as well, just like Patrick was back in the day.

That said, I'm superpumped for whatever is about to come from Giant BEast!!!

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Guys I have a confession to make I can't tell Dan's and Jasons voices apart.

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Maddy Myers seems to have implied on twitter that Cara Ellison was considered for the job in some capacity? That would've been interesting to me.

Like I said in the other thread I'm not super excited about Dan and Jason (no offence to them, I know they're good dudes) but I'm just not very excited about the SF office in general. Now GB NY, there's something I am very excited about indeed.

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Guys I have a confession to make I can't tell Dan's and Jasons voices apart.

I haven't followed either of them at all before and have also had this problem on this week's podcast.

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@icyeyes: Sorry, but if I read any more complaining about diversity today I'm going to pull all of my hair out. There are ready like 9 threads for that and a twitter or something.

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I'm happy about the hires! Loved Dan's work for years, and Jason sounds great. Still, seems like Reddit is ruining it for all of us for now and I'm going off the internet until (hopefully) the live stream on Thursday. See ya.

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@giantlizardking: I've edited that part out now. I don't want people to get the wrong idea here. I don't follow twitter or even the forums all that much. So I didn't know it had exploded on the topic.

Edit: I wasn't exactly complaining about it, just making some comments, but I can see this is a very bad time to do so. :(

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I guess I'm the only one that had no problem telling them apart. Similar, sure, but not identical. Once I heard it was indeed Dan Ryckert (or basically knew it was given the "IGN photo" and the "Vending Machine photo"), I went back and checked out all his old YouTube channel stuff and the stuff with his dad on Game Informer. I guess I got used to his voice that way...?

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I'm sure these new guys are going to be awesome but I haven't had time to listen to the new Bombcast yet. People take their Giantbomb way too fucking seriously. Giantbomb is just a goofy personality based video game site with an entertaining podcast. It's this kind of shit that makes me embarrassed to admit I enjoy playing video games.

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@icyeyes: It's all good duder. I look forward to all this BS dying down so we can get back to the issues that matter: energy drinks, bad fast food, hypothetical battles and occasionally video games.

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energy drinks, bad fast food, hypothetical battles and occasionally video games.

Pure bliss

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I'm not accusing anyone specific of anything, but there does seem to be a desire from a portion of the game enthusiast community who want very little more than video game cheerleaders. I am not the slightest bit interested in hearing "Yay! Video games!" simply to validate how I spend my free time. I'm interested in hearing honest reactions.

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@uppercaseccc: I think Dan's, out of context, sounds like he could be Alex's brother. I think that helps.

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I just hope they keep mentioning their names during the first few podcasts so I can learn who is who, and its gonna be cool to see some new faces on upf!!

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The latest bombcast was a great way to get to know them, seems like all of them get along really well, so Im glad about that, I come to this place for good info and fun times and looks like I´ll get more of that.

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Hooray! Hooray! I'm a little nervous... Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

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I've been watching GI's Replay for some time now and I think Dan will fit in great with the Bombcast. He is dumb and funny and kind of a jerk most of the time, but can also be very insightful. Also, I hate to be that guy, but if there's anyone at Giant Bomb who may be up for a new Endurance Run, that person is Dan.

Jason seems to be a more laid back person who really knows his fighting games and who is really really terrible at Far Cry 3. He and Drew should make a pretty good duo.

In short, I really liked the new hires.

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Really enjoyed the new podcast and Dan and Jason seem great.

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It's pretty safe to say there will be weekly premium material with at least one of the two starting soon, personally I think there's a chance of an ER-like thing to break them in with, once they've settled in and a new major schedule has been planned (game releases, events, etc).

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I'll admit I don't know much about the new hires, or other game journalist figures besides GB, but I was hoping the new hire would be whoever was on last week's podcast with Alexis.

He was strangely positive compared to the rest of GB. He was Vinny positive. I could hear Jeff physically being pained when the guest was praising Nintendo's E3. Up until then it was like Jeff was avoiding talking about Nintendo in any positive light on the podcast. And the dude was genuinely excited for everything else that E3 had to offer. I hope the new hires can maintain an unbiased happiness for video games.

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They seem like a great addition to me! To think of all the dumb stuff the new guys will do with the SF office + GB chicago + GB East is making me all sorts of excited! Relax everyone!

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I like dan on the power bombast

I don't know Jason but someone to help Drew is probably going to be the best part of the site.

Like Patrick it's gonna be weird for a but not in a bad way.

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The problem I have is both of the new guys sound that same so I have no clue which of them is talking half the time.

Isn't that just a "getting used to" thing when listening to a new podcast? I could never tell the original 4 apart when I first started listening, and then they threw Patrick into the mix.

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@icyeyes: Yeah. I might have to go and drink some Go Girl for old times sake.

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I don't think Jeff has ever been that guy you seem to think he has been. It's part of what makes him awesome and "real" dawg, cynicism or not. It will be a bit polarizing, people tend to like it or maybe they don't, I just think it's awesome that he seems pretty happy lately.

Also Danson (I can't tell their voices apart yet, working on it), seemed enthusiastic I will give you that. I know I am, they seem like a perfect fit for GB with the previous things they've done.

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You know, if any of the guys, Dan and Jason included, have a lack of enthusiasm about the games that are out at any given time, I'd rather they be honest about it and discuss why they're down on games, rather than put on some kind of phony facade.

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I'm not familiar with either of them, but from what I heard on the bombcast they seem like the kind of guys that will fit right in with the other duders.