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Seeing a recent thread petitioning for spoilercasts separate from the general Bombcast reminded me of the time stamp thread from the 2012 GOTY casts. That thing helped me out a lot, as I was going through Spec Ops at the time, but still wanted to hear the deliberations. It would be cool if we could keep something like that going for the rest of the year, too.

I'm relistening to the 1/22/13 podcast right now, and I'll edit this post with timestamps for any spoilers that I notice. If anyone else happens to come across some that I missed, you can reply to this thread or PM me with the start and end times of the discussion, the game they discuss, and the severity of the spoiler (If it's an early game event or a critical plot twist at the end, for instance).


0:38:30-1:01:27 Ni No Kuni. No spoilers, but worth avoiding if you want to go in blind.

1:01:27-1:05:10 Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2.

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This is a great idea. If you could keep it up on a weekly basis you'd save us all from people yelling about spoilers

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LOL Beverly Hills Cop spoilers.

Good on you though.

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You might want to mark that massive Halo 4 spoiler discussion they had too. Not trying to be mean at all but I find it funny you mentioned a spoiler warning for 26+ year old movies, but not the ultra popular game that came out in November. 
I do think that this is a fantastic idea, and hope it becomes something regular.

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Oh man, can we do this every time they acknowledge any fiction whatsoever? Like if they make a reference to Darth Vader being Luke's father, we put:

0:52:17 - 0:52:33 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back spoilers

I really want to do this, but only if we take it that hilariously far.

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Yeah, that is a good idea...