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Ryan and Vinny said that the Globetrotters had probably been on the great wall and here is the photographic evidence from 2004

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Well, that settles it. Vinny is once again correct.

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I am flabbergasted.


You guys are assholes.

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@psylah said:

I am flabbergasted.


You guys are assholes.

Hehehe. Source: Vinny

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That's pretty good. To be honest Vinny made a safe bet.

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Wow, its still on there.

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I googled that last night after hearing him say it on the podcast to see if someone put it and I was so happy to see that quote from Vinny!

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I always thought the Globetrottes were cool even though I don't give a shit about basketball. Never did get to see them perform.

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Yep... its still there... its true at least.

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This is what I love about the GB community (the wikipedia stuff for example), it's not exclusive to it but it's still awesome.

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Yes, this is an absolutely beautiful defacement of a random Wikipedia page! Keep up the good work, Giant Bomb community!

If what was being asserted was somehow inaccurate, or was not properly sourced, I might have a problem with it, but since it is accurate, and it is properly sourced, it's great!

(And yeah, 39 hours later, it's still up!)

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Why don't we assault wikipedia more often? I mean, aren't we like two high schools, and one is really big but the other one is really good at like, polevaulting? I want rivalry!

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Hilarious. Really Vinny is the only reliable source I know.

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Vinny knows.

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Well guess that means everything Vinny says is most likely true

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Now I need to listen to that part of this episode again. Thanks, Obama!

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This is awesome. I love you guys.