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What was the first console FPS to have dual stick control? By that I mean left stick moves your guy around and right stick moves the aiming. I'm talking only about two analog sticks, so no Goldeneye. I always thought Halo was revolutionary because it was the first game to have dual stick control that made first person shooters work on consoles.

Thanks for answering my question!

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I swear I remember Jeff mentioning it somewhere. Most likely, it was a PS1 game.

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There's a few PS1 FPS games that made use of the dual analog sticks. According to the internet Quake 2 was the first to have the option on PS1 and Alien Resurrection was the first FPS that made it the default controls

Edit: And apparently you could play Goldeneye 007 on N64 with two controllers as a way to have two analog sticks. Sounds absolutely ridiculous though.

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Goldeneye had a mode where you could use two controllers for dual analog action :P It was TERRRIBLE.

Not sure of the true answer to your question.

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Halo is all that matters.

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There was a weird time when FPS games on PS1 all had extremely different ideas on how to mimic mouselook and I think Quake 2 was the first to do the modern Left stick is move Right stick is look combination. I know for sure King's Field had a weird combination of d-pad to move character and face buttons to move camera but it wasn't exactly the same because the left and right on the d-pad was actually camera left-right while square and circle were strafe.