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So now that everyone is all about twerking let's discuss our favorite twerking videos.

I hope in a future episode the whole Bombcast crew twerks it for us. It's only the next logical step for this great site.

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what the hell is this shit?

No... just no.

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That has to be illegal in at least forty-nine states.

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Oh god why'd I press it, why?

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This is what happens if you send your kids to Bible Camp.

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World Star Hip Hop, one of the worst places on the internet, this did nothing to change my mind, I wanted to slap the shit out of that kid..

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Does that kid think he is gay and bslck at the same time?

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Twerking? Fuck that, KRUMPING!

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Twerking is old as shit. I'll have to listen to the Bombcast, I'm like 10 weeks behind.

Edit: What the fuck have you exposed me to?!?

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WTF is this shit? Why was that boy shaking his ass at me, telling me he reads the Bible and then calling me a bitch?

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I'm all for dumb shit, but that video was just plain uncomfortable.

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That was fucking terrifying.

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@LordJezo: Thats that shit I don't like! I feel like a paedophile even watching that

Here is a video of a non-tween boy twerking for those who want to know.

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@FourWude said:

WTF is this shit? Why was that boy shaking his ass at me, telling me he reads the Bible and then calling me a bitch?

I can only think of this with your avatar.

I was all for it I was feeling it. He said Birthday cake...I went "Cibo matto!? This little boy can twerk to some CIBO MATTO! THATS OK!" Nope....fucking Rhinananananananananananananana.

If any of yous know that song. Then you probably played Jet Set Radio future. I have been enjoying Cibo Matto for 11 years wasnt untill a a recent Bombcast I found out it was in Jet set Radio Future. As i have not played either despite wanting to.

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That kid is so camp that John Waters feels inadequate

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What. I.

Goddammit, I hate you guys.

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I didn't get a boner, so i don't have to call the police thank god.

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So...I'm going to go ahead and flag this.

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World Star Hip Hop is the best site, the comments fucking kill me.

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Hey FBI and CIA and any other government agency, I stopped watching that video immedietly and am now in the process of crying in the shower out if icy disgust. So you don't have to arrest me. I'm not a pedo.

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I made it 8 seconds into that video. Hopefully the cops don't come for me.

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Krumping Superior. Twerking Inferior.

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@NegativeCero said:

So...I'm going to go ahead and flag this.

You must not be a fan of the Bombcast.

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I remember first hearing of this when watching a stream and there was an intermission, a music video with thick black women were doing this. I shut it off and almost put a gun in my mouth afterwards. I forgot all about it until this new damn bombcast.

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so who has been asking this kid to twerk?

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Watched about 5 seconds of that video. Washed hands and now I feel I have to wipe my hard drive clean...

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@FancySoapsMan said:

so who has been asking this kid to twerk?

The football team.

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I am so happy the Bombcast crew brought up twerking and got this into the public eye.

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@Gabriel said:

I didn't get a boner, so i don't have to call the police thank god.

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I feel like I'm on some sort of watchlist just for viewing that video.

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Why the fuck has this topic not been deleted yet?

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@ShaggE said:

Twerking? Fuck that, KRUMPING!

This was the only possible good outcome from this thread. Good job sir.

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@LordJezo: Please don't post just a video in hopes of generating a discussion. We deem that as YouTube spam and do not allow that here.