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them talking about how antiques roadshow became pawn stars/hardcore pawn?

I ask this cause i have recently been on a hardcore pawn binge after hearing my cousin works on the show so i remembered them talking about it in one episode.

if someone can help figure out the exact date of this bombcast it would be greatly appreciated.

here is a gif of jeff shaking his money maker as a token of my appreciation

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I'm not sure the exact podcasts they showed up on but if you check out This Year Collection their conversations are one of the highlights. Not sure if it's all of what they talked about but it seemed like a good long chunk ranging from Modern Marvels to Vinny's grand conspiracy of reality television.

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Hmm.. can't pinpoint it sorry.

I hate to hijack this post as well, but I'm looking for a particular GB podcast/video moment where Jeff says the line "The sweet sweet release of death" and Vinny cracks up. Any idea anyone?

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I remember it being about a year ago, January 2012 to be more specific. Try to look there.

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Are you sure you aren't refering to an Oktoberkast episode where Gary Whitta mentions how Antiques Roadshow started in England (the way most shows are borrowed) and Ryan starts talking about pawn stars etc? I was just listening to something like that. They also talk about how TLC was started partially by NASA and now they put on Honey Booboo.

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02-21-2012 is the one I found. Is that the one you're looking for?

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@Daiphyer: do you have a timestamp?