#1 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (855 posts) -

Specifically when I attempt to select "Crop or Rotate this image?" after uploading a new image, the image editing tools appear to crash immediately and I'm then brought back to my image gallery with only the option to edit the caption and tags.

I'm using Firefox 19.0 on OS X.

#2 Posted by ReverendHunt (529 posts) -

I'm having the same problem on Firefox 19.0 on Win7 as well as Firefox 10 on OS X. I also can't delete images (someone's got boxart for a game on a system that it isn't available for and I can't figure out how to get rid of it).

#3 Posted by TheSilentGod (182 posts) -

I am unable to place image sizes as large in my reviews, but I can with blog posts and other things. I am also experiencing a crash when I try to use the edit tools to crop or rotate an image.

#4 Posted by Dangerloves (106 posts) -

I'm having the same problem. Also unable to edit caption on inserted images

I was using Opera Next 12.14 on Win7

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Hi guys. I'll ping the engineer responsible for the editor to take a look. Have you tried it in Chrome?

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@mrpibb: I was able to recreate this crash on OS X with both Chrome and the Chrome beta channel. Clicking edit image dumps you back to the image gallery.

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Crashes in IE10 on Windows 8 Pro for me.