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My Twitter Posts are not showing in my Profile after syncing. I tried to Unsync and then Sync back again and I still don't see my posts in my Activities.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue as well?

#2 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Mine have not been doing it for a nice long time even before the new site.

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Yeah, In the old site, Twitter would not sync. In the new site Twitter does sync, But its not showing any of my twitter posts when I click on the activity section.

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Yeah, although probably low on the to do list at this moment, I'd love Twitter syncing to work on the site.

#5 Posted by TigerClaw (84 posts) -

I hope they fix it soon.

#6 Posted by Moth_Pope (475 posts) -

I synced my account when they first introduced it, but it hasn't posted any of my tweets since March. Not that fussed but it'd be cool if it worked.

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It looks like the fixed the Twitter Sync problems, Just noticed my Twitter Posts now showing on my Activities.

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Hmm, Looks like the Twitter posts are gone, The same thing happened to anyone else?