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I feel that they should have their own page simply because people recognize the difference between the world famous character "Tony Hawk" in the game and the vintage professional skater "Anthony Hawk" himself.

Although "Anthony Hawk" is not much of a game icon so I can understand how the "Anthony Hawk" page should be deleted.

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Anthony Hawk is the son and family man the Hawk family adores.

Tony Hawk is the skateboard icon. Two different people.

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But, but . . Anthony Hawk is my rap name.

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One is a character page and one is a person page. One is for instances where he has appeared in video games. One is for instances where he is credited in the development of a game. However, unless he is actually credited as "Anthony Hawk" in video games (which I doubt), that one should be renamed to Tony Hawk.

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Edit: Sorry, misread.

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Anthony Hawk is his secret identity.

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My guess is that the "Anthony Hawk" page was originally intended to refer to someone named that, and not the skateboarder. But, Matty is right. It's perfectly normal to have a person page and a character page for some people. I've changed the person page to be called "Tony" instead of "Anthony."