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just renamed to avoid copyright

I don't understand this at all. Copyright applies regardless of the work's title. Do you have a link to the actual story?
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Sorry I guess I should have said 'trademark'. Intellivision bought the right to use the phrase 'Major League Baseball' and the MLB logo in their game. When Intellivision folded, Another company ported some of the Intellivision games to the Atari 2600; Major League Baseball being one of those games. This new company didn't want to pay to renew the use of the MLB logo and name so when they released the Atari 2600 version, they renamed it Super Challenge Baseball.

This topic is a request to delete Super Challenge Baseball as a separate game entry and combine all content with the 'Major League Baseball' game entry. I am to believe the wiki doesn't create game entry's of ports of games do they? If so this site would have 50 million 'Pac-Man' game entries for every time it was ported to a platform.

If you look at the GiantBomb's Major League Baseball wiki, it lists Super Challenge Baseball as aliases as well as Atari 2600 as one of the platforms.


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@jbn566: Sounds good to me. Done.