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So, I don't know how many of you actually watched the credits, but at the very end it says "In Memorium: Kenny + Bryan Davis (resident of San Francisco) "

Thanks Iron Galaxy.

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@idiottoyman: Is that some sort of reference to Ryan Davis or do they really mean Kenny and Bryan Davis? If so who are they?

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I wonder if it was because of the hunkadunk...

(it's really not that surprising but cool of dave)

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@i_stay_puft: I have to fully believe it's Ryan Davis. Considering Dave Lang's involvement and that seems like the type of thing he would do. If it's not, I will be very surprised.

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@i_stay_puft: Kenny was actually the late brother of a kickstarter backer. The backer donated enough money to design a character and took the opportunity to immortalize his brother in the game.

The Bryan Davis bit however, I'm assuming is just a joke, which made me smile. Especially after having to go through S-Kill.

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This used to be a real nice neighborhood.

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They could not include Ryan Davis® of Giant Bomb® a CBSi® property

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Man, thats fucking great. So many good (and bad) feels right now. Still really miss that motherfucker.

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Yeah, that made me smile too.

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This used to be a real nice neighborhood.

The dunk is here to stay, lady.

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That's really damn cool. For Bryan Davis and Kenny.

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Haha that is so fucking great. Bravo, Iron Galaxy

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Yep, I couldn't help but do a double take and then laugh.

Good on ya, Dave.

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That's some inside baseball, folks.

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That sounds great. Always trust Dave Lang to inject some levity to something like this.

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That's awesome. Good on the Lang-Zone! I miss the duder like many of you.

Thanks Dave and the Divekick team.

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Mine just said Kenny. Maybe it's because I played it on the Vita?

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This is pretty great.

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@spookytapes: Weird, mine says both and I'm playing on Vita as well.

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@spookytapes said:

Mine just said Kenny. Maybe it's because I played it on the Vita?

Did you download the patch? It might have been included in that.

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That is genuinely touching. Those guys did good.

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Can anybody confirm this? I might purchase this game just because it has a memorium to Ryan in it.

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@joey said:

That's amazing

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@petiew: Ahhh, you know what, I think both times I beat the game it was before I had downloaded the patch. Makes sense. I'll give it a run through with a different character tonight.

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I think it's funny that they did it through a goofy reference, but I kinda wish it just said Ryan Davis.

Either way, good on 'em.

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