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So I was gonna make a topic and attach it to the MMO concept page, little did I know such a concept does not exist. I find it hard to believe that someone simply forgot to make one all these years so has there been a decision not to have such a page on Giant bomb?

WIth the recent trend of games with persitent worlds like Destiny and the myriad of traditional MMOs over the years it seems weird to me to not have such a concept. Maybe name it something diffent to note that there are multiple definitions of MMOs these days with Guild wars being instanced but still considered an MMO by a lot of peopleand Destiny having a seemingly MMO like world.

Anyway you guys think we should have a page for this? Or am I just an idiot and missing it?

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There's already a genre for it in the wiki. Granted, genres don't really have their own place in the wiki beyond listings on games, but that minimal presence eliminates the need for a concept page.