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Hey guys. I'll be attending Evo this year for the first time. I'll be going as a spectator, not competing.

So, who else is going? I'll be attending alone, so I'm looking to see if anyone wants to meet up, hang out, drink and watch the games! Las Vegas Hilton is fully booked for groups right now and the prices are going to be about $179-$220 over the weekend for single rooms. I'll definitely be getting a room at a nearby place but haven't decided yet.

So, I'm looking to see if any of you guys had plans or suggestions? I'm definitely willing to throw in on a good sized room if anyone wants to group up. I'll be bringing along my PS3 as well with KoFXIII, USFIV, BB: CP and Third strike (among others). I'm a total casual with fighting games but I love them and love watching great players.

I'll be driving from LA, so if anyone is in the area that would like a ride, I can fit 2 other people comfortably.

Today is the last day to register: http://evo.shoryuken.com/

So if you're interested (or want to let a scrub like me tag along for shits), just reply to this thread or PM me.

EDIT: Sorry guys I had to cancel my trip to Vegas for some work related stuff. Hopefully next year I can attend.

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Unfortunately I'll be stuck watching the streams. If you're in LA though we should totally play some time. Hope you have fun there.

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Not going to EVO but I wouldn't mind playing some KoF online with you, have fun.

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@zombiepie If you wouldn't mind moving this to the EVO forum please, thanks!

I won't be going this year unfortunately, but all being well I will be hanging out in the Giant Bomb chat watching it with hopefully a lot of people.

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This year isn't good for me. Sad to miss it, but GB chat was really fun for CEO, so I'm content with watching the stream this year.

Maybe next year.

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I'll be there hanging out. Not competing. If some duders will be there, I'll buy some beers or whatever. I'm a local so I'll be in and out.

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Going to play Ultra and gets my hands on that XRD!

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I'll be there! Also sorta local (carefully timed visit to family that live in LV), and also also a casual terribad. I'd definitely be up to grab some beers with duders and maybe play some casuals with people that won't blow me up in 2 secs.

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Awesome! I'll be making my booking plans later this week and I'll make sure to keep in contact with all of you interested in meeting up through PM.

I will be drinking for sure, and the first round is on me! I was thinking of meeting up at Insert Coins (a barcade) in old Vegas (Or is it Downtown Vegas? I'm talking about Fremont). I'm totally up for kicking it at the hotel room with some games and brews as well. Just throwing out some ideas. I should have some concrete plans by the end of this week or early next week. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or preferences.

This is a totally relaxed and open thing, so go ahead and invite whoever you want to come along. Looking forward to it!

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I'll actually make another thread when I have all the details down for the meet up. This thread is basically for gauging interest.

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I'll be playing USF4 and KI.

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I will be there EVO weekend.

We go yearly now on EVO weekend, although this time were not actually going to EVO.

Ill keep checking this thread