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Its in the box, never been used or opened. I acquired it from my grandparents storage 6 years ago where it has been sitting since it came out in 1987 or so. The box is worn on edges a bit. Its is not sealed because they just were not back then. Where can I take this to be appraised to see if it is worth anything? I am in Arkansas currently.

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@EVO: You should filter it down to just look at sold listings, and even then some of those that show up sold might have gotten one bidder that never paid up. That $4000 auction for instance didn't sell.

It looks like most of the complete and in box Nintendo Action Set auctions go for around $100-200, but there are two sealed units that appear to have been sold for around $700 and $1275. I'd probably just list it on eBay starting at $100.