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Do you think with the in flux of Kinect (tm) and Move (tm) the gaming community will lose the tag of being an unhealth past time ?
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Will teenage Mexicans ever lose their cheesy mustaches? Will anyone ever look good with an Afro besides black people? No! It's stereotypes man!

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Considering kinect will fail hard, no

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No, but the stigma of the unhealthy gamer needs to get dropped. The majority of people I know play games in one form or another and most are relatively fit (and certainly not unhealthy).

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@billnyethesciencepie said:
" Considering kinect will fail hard, no "
However, funny u should bring this up, cuz last night i started a diet and working out and taking care of my looks and cleanness more :P  im tired of being a fat smelly gaming worm
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Ha ha ha. Clearly you have never been to a midnight release of Halo at a Gamestop. The line at the Cinn a Bonn is in better shape. Ha ha thanks for the laugh though.
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No, I don't think so. It will be more actively engaging while playing Kinect, but as many researchers agree, doing things like playing the Wii is not adequate exercise. 
Could lessen the image associated with unhealthy gaming, but it'll take time.

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I don't know... there seem to be tons of unhealthy people nowadays. Something similar to Wall-E is right around the corner.

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Also, LOL that only gaming is associated with fat people

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No. Not everyone wants to buy the kinect or move (including myself). Most of us play games to relax or be lazy.

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I think DDR convinced me of that. 
For a week, then I never touched it again. 
I have a feeling by the end of this generation people are just going to be begging for more "Regular ass" games that don't have a lot of gimmicky "moving around your living room" mechanics and what not. 

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Most definitely not.

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You cannot get healthy playing games with Kinect or Move.  That would require real exercise, eating well, and sleeping enough, which any gamer can choose to do.  I think your point is more about perception, though, which I guess could be changed a little to those who aren't really healthy and don't really play games...maybe just seeing people moving around gives the perception that gamers aren't all just sitting on the couch for 8 hours a day drinking Mt. Dew and eating Doritos.

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No, because those stereotypes you talk about don't want anything to do with those devices.

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That makes you and your friends the rare exception because of most people in America are overweight and obesity numbers are rising by the year. Gamers are fat....because everyone in America is fat. The childhood obesity rate is staggering....
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I'm sorry hasint this been tried already?

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no, as it is kind of a stereotype to say that people that play video games are fat. i've played video games and i'm thin. playing the wii from friends' house i don't see move being a weight loser. 
really the only way to get healthier is to diet correctly and work out.