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I just bought one of those nice looking Nexus 7 devices. I'm loving it so far and it's going to be a very useful tool and consumption device for me. I can't see myself playing many games on it, but since i'm new to modern day Android, I thought I might try a couple games to familiarize myself with Android gaming. Any recommendations?

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There's actually an android game recommendation thread over here:

Android Recommendation Thread

However, to list a few:

Rayman Jungle Run, Game Dev Story, McPixel, Super Hexagon, Kingdom Rush, Scribblenauts, Pen and Paper, Cook Serve Delicious, Devils Attorney, 10,000,000 and The Room

If you've been into mobile gaming already with iOS then most of this stuff has been ported over from there. Also you can get emulators on android if your into that, theres a bunch on the google play store.

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@mrpilkington: I got The Room based on recommendations and really enjoyed it. Also Rymskapsel. And Final Fantasy IV is going to take up a lot of my time during the flight to PAX.

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@rorie: I played The Room on iOS and it was very good. I thought of playing Final Fantasy IV, since it's one of that series I never did. I might give it a go.

@boboblaw: I'm coming from the iOS front and many of those games I've already played, but some I have not and might check them out. I also think I remember hearing Ryan speak of Cook Serve Delicious once.

Thanks to both for the recommendations.

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@mrpilkington: No worries! That thing really is a delight to use. Definitely become a nice little bedtime companion, although I'm still gonna use my Kindle for reading.

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