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I'm hoping they're the standard DVD/360/PS2 etc size and not the tiny Blu-Ray PS3 size cases. That was one of the many reasons (albeit a smaller one) I didn't collect for the PS3 this generation as they looked like crap on my shelf. I suppose I'll deal with it if the boxes are crappy but figured I would ask if anyone saw one out in the wild yet!

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Yeah, they look like they belong to you when you buy it, but they are really still Microsoft's. You know, because of the restrictions.

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They look blu-ray size and they are green.

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This would of been more timly if giantbomb decided not to go down on me. They look pretty nice, the logo on the case instead of the insert is nice

Also here is the ps4 one for contrast

It looks pretty similar except the branding is on the insert instead of directly on the case....and incase you didnt notice its blue. Im gonna miss those dual sided inserts

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@thebunnyhunter: Thanks for the pictures, they actually do look pretty nice, very streamlined. I suppose I'll just have to get used to this size case, I let it slid for my blu-ray collection I'll let it slide for Xbox.