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I can't be the only one right? Well to make sure I'm not I'm posting this as a friendly reminder to get hype and as a look back at what truly matters about these new consoles. (The WiiU boot sequence is boring and practically might as well not exist, so I'm not including it here. To clarify, I'm posting these to look back at what Sony and Microsoft have done as those are the as-yet released new hotness. Since Sega and Nintendo have no new machines on the horizon, I avoided posting any of theirs however much I do love them too.)

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The PS2 one gave me a mad rush of nostalgia. And yeah, the little new things are always fun.

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No GC?

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I will say GC and the PSX had the best sequences. Next would have to be the original Xbox. I am very curious what they are planning on doing with the new consoles.

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I really like the Playstation 2 and Gamecube startup screens. It will be cool to see what the new ones are like.

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original playstation is probably my favorite one of the bunch.

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@tycobb: To save myself the trouble of posting every Nintendo boot up screen and using the excuse that we already know what the Wii U one looks like (and isn't worth showing imo), I stuck to Sony and Microsoft. Absolutely worth their place in history, no dispute from me.

Besides, my favorite is the Dreamcast.

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This is easily one of the lamest things to be excited about.

And yes, I am kind of excited.

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I am super pumped for these new boot sequences! Can't wait!

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Mad chills from the PS2 boot, I reckon that's easily the best.

I'd never seen the original Xbox one though, it's quite weird.

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You really can't get any better than that those PSX boots, love those jingles.

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I am super pumped for these new boot sequences! Can't wait!


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When I hooked up my PS2 last night for the first time in years and saw that boot sequence I kind of squealed like a little girl.

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I'm still playing my PS2, so maybe I haven't put it away long enough to get nostalgia out of it yet.

But man, that PSX boot sequence makes me want to go play a PSX game for a little while. I know you can put PS1 games into a PS2 or 3 and get the second half of that, but it falls flat without that first rising, wide-open half.

I also think the 360's looks pretty elegant. Too bad the rest of the console's UI has taken a deep dive down the shitter.

I can't say that I'm itching to see boot screens, but a good boot screen can obviously be pretty memorable.

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Yeah! That's one of my favorite parts of hooking up a brand new console.

I am super pumped for these new boot sequences! Can't wait!

Oh my god that gif is amazing! :D

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I am going to go out on a limb and say at least one of the new consols won't have a boot animation. It's the instant-on generation man!

But man that PS1 start up sound is still awesome.

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As much as these clips bring back the nostalgic tingles in my fingers and toes, will the next generation even have boot up screens---barring, of course, the initial boot up. Elaborate or not (I'm look at you Artist Formerly Known as Xbox 1), were the boot up screens not just entertaining ploys to cover a length boot process? We were promised an Apple-esqe quick awaken state---I hope Microsoft and Sony deliver as my PC (with SSD) boots faster than my 360.

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You can smell the arrogance from the PS3 intro lol. Man how times have changed.

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You totally forgot the best ones...

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Here's a compilation of most from 1983-2006. :) Jaguar gets my vote for being the most... precious.

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I like the Dreamcast and GameCube sequences. The GameCube's startup fits with its look and position in the market: it's snappy, playful, non-self-serious, but not too goofy. I also love how it turns into the system menu.

The PS1 and PS2 sequences feel like a product of their times -- they're cool, but absent of the nostalgia of having owned either, the synth sounds are kind of dated.

Not saying it's the best thing ever, but the 64DD's boot sequence has a ton of energy to it:

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@msavo said:

You can smell the arrogance from the PS3 intro lol. Man how times have changed.

I think you're reading way too much from a startup sound.

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Is it wrong that I kind of hope the start up sequence for the new systems is nonexistent. Press a button and the system's on. That's all I want.

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@herbiebug: Not bad, pretty much everything is there! I love watching a new machine turn on for the first time and watching the loading sequence, magical...for the first few goes at least ^_^

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I loved the Ps1 and Ps2 bootups. I'm hoping Ps4 can do something awesome other than turning on the system and it saying PlayStation 4 and going straight to the UI.

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@raindog505: @mister_v: I guess you're right but I for one hold out hope that someone won the fight in the meeting to throw one in there anyway. First thing I'm asking them when they get the new boxes.

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I am definitely excited! the PS1 and PS2 ones are very nostalgic for me. They bring back some amazing memories.

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I'm really pumped for the new consoles in general, booting sequence included.

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Man guys, the PSX startup noise is so awesome.

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If we end up getting boot up screens, I just hope that they feature something as dumb as the PS2 columns sizes being dictated by what's on your memory card. Also, more stupidly elaborate developer logos (How Remedy hasn't shot the bullet into their logo yet confounds me)

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PSX boot up makes me think of Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy VII. PS2 boot up makes me think of Final Fantasy X and Grand Theft Auto 3.

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Yeahhhhh buuuuuut... Let me lay this mindkiller on you...

  • Xbox Live Shop Music?
  • PSN Shop Music?


Also considering the PS4 is being designed with Instant Resume, their startup sequence may need to be majestic for people to pay attention on the occasional time they boot from scratch.

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My 2 cents.

Top 10 System Start-Up Sounds

1. PlayStation
2. Dreamcast
3. PlayStation 2
4. GameCube
5. Game Boy Advance
6. PlayStation 3
7. Xbox
8. PlayStation Portable
9. Xbox 360
10. Neo Geo Pocket Color
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@tycobb said:

No GC?

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I will say GC and the PSX had the best sequences. Next would have to be the original Xbox. I am very curious what they are planning on doing with the new consoles.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOT SCREEN EVER! Even better than the space invaders one I made for my PC.

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Much love for the GameCube boot sequence.

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I liked the original NES start up screens.

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The PSX boot always unsettled me for some reason. I equated it with RE1 which scared me when i was younger. It always seemed so dark and ominous.

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OG Xbox is my favorite one.

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Right now my PS3 boots up with a health risk warning and by the time I turn on my TV the 360 bootup is already over, so yah I'm psyched!

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Now that I've watched all of them I think I like them all. The Gamecube has the best boot screen but PS1 wins it over for me just because of nostalgia. PS3 is so unceremonious it barely registers. I hope they change that in PS4.

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The PSX takes the cake. So much nostalgia. I vividly remember plugging the console in for the very first time, experiencing that epic startup-sequence followed by this game's intro - what a vastly different experience to everything Nintendo-related at the time.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. They should let us pick what boot sequence we want. Imagine if you were able to set the PSX boot as your PS4 boot sequence... that would be pretty cool.

Start #PSXBootOnPS4 on twitter guys.

Guys...?...no? just me?

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Something about that original Xbox boot just made me nostalgic as hell. Excellent.

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GameCube is the only boot screen that matters.

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@obcdexter: Ya the PSX was great. A DVR in a PS2 :)

anyways we already actually know the One's boot sequence.

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I forgot how much bass is in the PS1 startup. It'd be awesome to have the bass from the PS1 and the ping at the end of the PS2 together as the PS4 one.

My favs of the ones I've had PS1>Dreamcast>PS2>360

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@blatantninja23 said:

@obcdexter: Ya the PSX was great. A DVR in a PS2 :)

anyways we already actually know the One's boot sequence.

Aw man, say it ain't so. Oh well, here's holding out for a cool first time boot up sequence. If that is what we're getting, the ball is in Sony's court to bring back dope boot sequences again.