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There's this game I've wanted to check out of years, ever since I saw it preview of it on a DVD from a PS2 Magazine.

It was a Japanese game where you created your own superhero, customizing is powers and taking him out to fight crime. There was a conversation system within it and you could transform between secret identity and superhero to do investigations.

Twist of the game was that the way you played was judged as if it was a TV show, so you couldn't have too many lulls in investigation before the audience would switch channel. Each level would end with its own credits and a next time teasing the next level.

I go through spats where I hunt down all I can on this game to find it but it's difficult. I even dug out all my old PS2 Mag DVDs to find the preview but I couldn't so unfortunately I don't even remember what magazine teased it.

I had a feeling it was named simply "Super Hero" or "Hero" or perhaps them in Japanese. Searching for these names obviously it's difficult to narrow things down.

It's only because I've tried everything else that I resort to posting here but perhaps someone will know.

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, ask me what you can I'm dealing with a decade old memory here.

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Oh my god found it. Well a video at least. Should help me narrow it down

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I've never heard of the game myself before, but the kanji for the title in that video reads "Seigi no Mikata," literally "Ally of Justice." (Although now that I remember in this sleep-deprived haze, it is one of the terms that's commonly synonymous with "superhero" in Japanese when taken less literally. Derp.) I presume that if you were to track down any more information about this game in English, it'd be under the former. Searching it in Japanese on Google and Amazon Japan bring up what looks to be the same game for the PS2, developed by SCE. Hope it helps! If I can ever provide additional Japanese assistance or translation help, don't hesitate to hit me up!