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I started playing GameCube games again. I haven't played in ages. I realized recently, though, that I don't have a single Mario Party. So I went to GameStop and picked up 6 (used, obviously). So I have a week to return it if anyone can suggest a better Mario Party. I think 4 was pretty good, right?

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Mario Party 4! Forever and always!

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Mario party 3 is the best Mario party.

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@yoshimitz707 said:
" Mario party 3 is the best Mario party. "
I wouldn't think this would be all that hard to understand. I mean you don't even have to read past the title to know what this thread's about.
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I am asking this because I genuinely don't know, but is the Mario Party version for Wii THAT terrible, that it's better to go for a GC-version?

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Mario Party 4 was my first Mario Party so its my choice :) 
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The fifth one, but overall the third
The reason is the introduction of orbs and how it makes your own gameboard, also you can walk into your own traps unlike the newer games

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I can see this thread being littered with controversy.

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It's Mario Party 4. The Mario Party games just got progressively worse, 4 was OK, I remember having a great time playing it, but we rented 7 once, and it was just garbage. So is 8, by the way. Mario Party 1 is still the best in my book, magic lamp my ass.