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Hello everyone, in the near future I will be getting a new PC for my wife. I pretty much know what I want but I thought it would be cool to come to all of you knowledgeable members of the Giant Bomb community and get some suggestions about what you think would be best. She doesn't play too many things that are extraordinarily taxing, she enjoys strategy games, playing a bunch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and now hopping on and playing my new copy of Diablo III.

I would really like to go as far below $700 as possible but build something that is fairly current and easily upgrade-able in the future. So all, if you have any suggestions, or if you just want to throw a bunch of stuff together that you think would work out the best for me I would really appreciate it. Like I said, I have an idea about where I want to go with it but I am always open to help and I may find something on here that I like better. Thanks in advance.

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