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First off, I know nothing about image settings so I apologise for the extremely basic "help" thread! But if anyone out there knows about this sort of thing I'd appreciate some help. I'm using a LGM227WDP with a PS3 and for years I have always found dark areas to be way too hard to see in, for example the dark corners of caves in Skyrim were just pitch black. After getting frustrated with it I messed around with the settings and found the black levels. There is a high and low setting. On High I can see in the dark (Yay!) but everything has this horrible grey washed out look. It's ok going around the inside areas of games but in something like Assassins Creed or The Last of Us, going from indoors to outdoors sucks.

Is there some setting or combination of settings that I can use to control the black level to be visible in the dark, but retain a good picture?

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I would have a look at the display settings under the ps3 menu. There are various settings for HDMI color. It sounds like the ps3's setting and the monitor's setting are fighting each other. Sorry i cant be specific about the names of the settings in the ps3 menus but mine refuses to turn on atm.

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@dudeglove: Amazing, I've seen this so many times but it being on youtube is amazing. Thats my evening sorted @kipperminge: Cheers mate, i'll see if I can muck about with it and see. Hope ur ps3 gets fixed soon.

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@jbird Thanks duder, it's louder than a 747 on takeoff and only stays on for a few seconds. I don't think I am going to replace it this close to the ps4 launch. The only downside is not getting to experience The Last of Us :(

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@jbird: I tend to find that the TV should just be set the default 'game' setting if it has has one. Most do now, there is usually a list of settings like: movie, game, sport etc...

Once the TV is set like that use the brightness settings in the game to adjust the levels. A lot of games now have the screen with a very dim logo and a slider to mess with until you can just see the image.

Hope this helps.