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Ok, I just thought I'd throw this out to the mods/staff/fellow GB's.  To avoid the constant spammers and attention whores around here, what do you all think about limiting the amount of threads a person makes in given time period. 

I'm not saying put a specific cap or anything, but maybe have a 30 -60 min restriction (maybe longer?) on after you start a new topic. Then after that, you can start a new thread if you like.  That way, you would put decrease all the clutter that some a-holes ruin for the rest of us and letting some threads grow and continue for discussion. 

I dunno if it's possible, but I just thought I'd mention it.  I know the mods will take care of anyone who goes crazy once this site is a fully-operational bombing machine

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I think that would be a great mechanism to reduce the level of brainless spam - I can't think of any reason (other than attention-seeking) for a person to create tens of threads an hour. The problem at the moment is that there is nothing to stop them just creating another account and coming straight back with that, as we're currently missing any user verification steps - email responder or that kind of thing.

Some of the basics seem missing - but hey, that's what a beta is for, I guess!