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Hey everybody. If you went to PAX Prime 2013 then you might have found the special-edition Cards Against Humanity pack in your swag bag. Each pack contained only a few cards from the full set, so getting a full set meant trading or begging with other attendees. I'd like to finish my set, and in case anyone else does too, I thought I'd set up a trading post.

So how should we go about this? I figured I could post a list of duplicate cards I have, and a list of cards I want. If anyone else wants to put up their list then we could look over them and arrange a trade.

Would this work? Are you guys interested? Assuming everyone takes responsibility for their own shipping costs, we would basically be going on the honor system to ensure your trade is fulfilled. Let me know what you think. If anyone is down to trade, I'll put up my list. If nobody's interested, that's cool too.

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Very interested in this!

My list (updated as of December 14, 2013)






(Card #/Quantity)

1 / 3

2 / 3

3 / 1

4 / 2

5 / 2

7 / 2

12 / 1

38 / 1

39 / 3

41 / 1

42 / 1