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Hi, i am new here, so I'm not sure if I am allowed to post this type of thread. Basically, i have this list of games that I intend to buy from Steam's Halloween Sale. Feel free to give feedback on the games =)
1)Fallout 3 game of the year edition

2)Fallout 3 New Vegas
3)Of orcs and men - i heard this game is pretty clunky but has quite good storyline. Not sure to get or not
4)I am Alive - good story line, gameplay is good too
5)Alan Wake Franchise - seems to have high ratings and is a good scare/storyline game

6)F.E.A.R Collection - basically all the fear games. I know fear 2 has multiplayer/co-op functionality which kind of interests me
7)The Darkness 2 - Awesome blood and gore game
8)Ninja Blade - seems like an anime-ish styled game with many QTE(Quick Time Events) and cinematics or so i heard.
9)PainKiller complete pack- painkiller seems to be alot of fun and hell and damanation has multiplayer
10) Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - many bad reviews in terms of the controls and A.I of the game. Considering it due to the co-op/multiplayer functionality. Not sure if the co-op or multiplayer is broken as well
11)Resident Evil 6 Complete pack - heard that RE6 is taking on a movie type of move. More cutscenes than gameplay. But i heard the storyline is good and it's better than RE raccoon city in terms of control at least. Has co-op and multiplayer function as well.

What does everyone think?

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I'd say you should definitely buy both Fallouts and Alan Wake; you should very probably buy F.E.A.R and Painkiller; you should NOT buy either RE; and the rest I don't know enough about.

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solid list,

if you end up liking ninja blade, id recommend you check out asuras wrath, DMC devil may cry, and metal gear revengence.

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lol Asuras Wrath i thought its only for consoles? not too sure. DMC i played already =D 3SE, 4 and sadly the new one... metal gear not yet.
Fallout and alan wake all have very good reviews. and fallout has lots of mods so thats a plus. I pirated the RE:RC and it was okay though the A.I is messed up and died easy.
Saw all your replies too late and i kind of bought the entire list alrdy as well as Borderlands complete pack since i have like 20 friends who own it lol... Only left out of orcs and men cos the battle was too clunky.

Thank you very much Mlarrabee and mrfluke for your comments =)

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FEAR 2 doesn't have co-op, it has multiplayer. FEAR 3 is the one with co-op. I doubt that either one is played particularly often, though if you can find a buddy to play Fucking Run with in FEAR 3 then you're in for some real fun.

FEAR 1 and 2 both have some fantastic single player campaigns that you should play.

If you want a good co-op Resident Evil, get Resident Evil 5. It's really, really good.

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Of Orcs and Men is a bad game. With a decent story and characters. But you will have to suffer through playing it at all times. It's highly debatable if it's worth it

Your other ones are either good picks (1, 6, 7, 9), or i have no personal experience (the rest).

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I know that I definitely played Ninja Blade... I have no idea what happens in Ninja Blade.

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@weekeong: Based on this list ima just share my opinion on the order to get them.

Fallout 3: Great game

Fallout New Vegas: Fixed things in Fallout 3

Alan Wake: That lighting and storytelling man

FEAR: Creepy girl and atmospher

I am Alive: Just interesting

The Resident Evil games i'd get only if you're REALLY into those games, and RE 6 before the other one if you are. ninja Blade is fine, but I never got into it. Darkness 2 is fine visually and concept wise, I just didn't like it. Orcs and Men" and Painkiller" I have never played. Hope I helped at all.

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I dunno if this is international or not, but Fallout 3 seems to be out of keys on Steam, at least in the UK store.

But if you can get it, go for it. All the DLC included as well means you could easily squeeze over 100 hours out of that game, then there's New Vegas, which I found to be superior (fixed a couple of gameplay snags I had with 3, felt it had stronger writing/characterization). If you're going to get a Resi game on sale, I'd honestly go for 5. It tends to get a bad rep, but it is miles ahead of 6 and let's not even go into ORC. As for the F.E.A.R series, a word of warning. I believe if you have a Logitech mouse/keyboard/both, the 1st game's framerate will go to shit after a couple of minutes of play, leaving it virtually unplayable. There's a fix out there on the Internet, but I felt it was a pain in the ass to do. Other than that, I've heard great things about the original and the sequel and all that bad either, it's the third one that is said to be disappointing. Can't really offer my two cents on the other picks.

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RE6 has really great gameplay, especially once you start digging into the melee combat. You're best off just flipping a coin between Fallout 3 and New Vegas because they're both pretty great, but sort of in different ways. So either way you're kinda missing out. Ninja Blade is just kinda boring, so I can't really recommend that one in good conscious. And I would urge you to reconsider Raccoon City unless you've got a group of friends who are willing to buy it and play it with you online. I mean, the game has all the parts to make for a really decent game. But it's problems are so fundamental and endemic to the gameplay that it's really hard to enjoy it unless you've got a group of two to four people working together to overcome the gameplay shittiness. So definitely just skip that one unless you've got some friends to play it with you.

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Thanks for all the comment guys =), i actually bought my entire list except for of orcs and men. Played RE:RC, the sensitivity of mouse wasnt too bad but i get the reason why ppl rage at the A.I ... wonder if i can mod the A.I...guess i'll just take RE:RC as a joke to play to laugh sometimes.

Painkiller was awesome. The FO3 and FO3 Vegas i got it in steam O.o, Bought it directly from steam during Halloween Sale. Hmmmm... i actually played finished RE5 already, that's why i went for RE:RC and RE6 =).

Thanks for your advice everyone. It helped me alot.

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nice list of games.