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Hey guys,

A few days ago, I officially became an indie developer. I got a response from the government acknowledging that my friend and I had formed a business. We are now Cosmitronique Studios. As some of you might know, we've been hard at work on our first game, 'Sleepless', for a few months now. These are super exciting times for me. I'm not really expecting to make any money off my games though. My friend and I both think that making games is the best way for us to express ourselves artistically. Although the ability to make a living from this wouldn't hurt either. I'll continue to keep Giant Bomb posted about the development of the game, if anyone is interested. There actually might be a trailer coming up. Anywho, I just wanted to share.

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Congratulations! Always cool to hear about other indie developers on the site.

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That's really good news for you and your friend. Congratulations. =] I've followed you so I can keep up with whatever news you have or experiences you might share. Good luck. =]

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Sort a website out.

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I am not convinced, could someone get Alex to confirm this?

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Wish you guys all the best! Hope you make something awesome. We could do with a few more awesome games!

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There's a big difference between claiming that you're an indie developer and being an indie developer.

When I see the official website and game I'll believe you.

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@Khann: Yeah we're working on it.

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Nice! Can you say what genre it is?

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Sounds cool, good luck!

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@superpow: Cool, I'll keep an eye out.

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The name is catchy.

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@DonutFever: It's an adventure game.

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Do everything you can do get included in the Humble Indie bundle an then cackle as all your money trucks come backing up to your house. Seriously, those things make TONS of money. =p

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Good luck!

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@Demoskinos: Yeah that'd be awesome, but my first goal is just to get the game out in the first place.