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If you don't already know, there is a contest going on for Dark Souls II to create a shield design. The community votes on the top 30 designs via Facebook and then the top 30 designs for the 3 different shield templates (Tower, Kite, Round) go to FROM SOFTWARE where the developers then choose the top 10. I'm not entirely positive, but it's something like the top 6 designs (2 from each shield template-type) get rendered in-game and the designer receives a signed special edition of Dark Souls II and their name in the credits; the remaining 4 of the top 10 receive a signed special edition.

As of now (April 21) there are 22 more days remaining to enter your designs and vote. After the time has passed to enter designs, there will be an additional month to vote. After the extra voting month has passed, the top contenders will go to the developers for consideration to win.

In other words, you should enter the contest while you're still able.

Here are a few of my designs that were accepted:

Drake Vanguard & Prophecy (<---- Click to vote, PLEASE, vote on my designs)

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Here are a few of my designs that were rejected:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Share some of your shield designs here as well. I want to see what the Giantbomb community is making for Dark Souls II.

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Hi !

Voted for both of your designs, they are awsome ! The rejected also ... it's sad they absolutely need to stick with template shape, drake vanguard w/ horns is definitely great (as 2 others).

Here is mine : >>>> Moonlight <<<< Please vote if you like guys !

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hey please vote for "Impasse".

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Hi everyone!

I really need your help for the contest

This is my shield:


it's very important to me

Thank you!

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