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My metal band has a song about the a far-flung future, involving Deus Ex Concepts. The universe is ending and the remaining inhabitants (Type 3 Civilization) need to escape through a supermassive black hole (on their planet sized ship) and find a new universe to live. It is pretty nerdy stuff, but awesome at the same time.

Check it out Duders!


Loved the first Deus Ex, and Human Revolution. But it does feel like the Director's cut, is the game that should have come out 2 years ago, And they finally had the time to flesh it out. I bet it is great either way though. Wii U touch pad would be convenient.


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I'm not really into metal, but that's pretty cool. Good for you.

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Okay, I'll just say that when I opened this in a new tab and saw the art, I got a big grin and said (to absolutely no one) "All right, that's pretty good."

Well the mix is nice and clear. At first I thought the bass was dead but I just wasn't paying enough attention. Relatively audible, especially for how insanely loud the bass drum and snare are. I hate that dull thud in the snare, but that's just a personal thing - I like the Flo Mounier-esque snap or the South American crack. I would have preferred the solo done as a separate track to keep the space even in the track but I did get to hear the bass more in that section so... dilemma.

Liked the riffs, liked the vocals, pretty catchy at points, and now listening to the rest of the album. Good stuff!

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I'm really into metal and I agree, that's awesome. Loved the chorus. Mix really sounds clean - professional work guys.

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I...don't really know how that is related to Deus Ex other than by name. It doesn't feel sci-fi.

However, that doesn't mean it's bad at all. This metalhead was headbanging like a muthafucker. Getcha pull. Good shit.

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With a big glass of Gin and a cigarette this shit sounds real good, despite the fact that

@jakob187 said:

I...don't really know how that is related to Deus Ex other than by name. It doesn't feel sci-fi.

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I have to say I love your cover art.

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Thanks for listening guys! I'm glad some of you are digging it! If it doesn't sound SciFi to you read the lyrics as the song plays.

Deus ex is more metaphorical than anything. After the Singularity happens, flesh and electronics are one in the same. Creating super intelligent beings. But because of Universe's expansion, the universe goes through a big freeze and can't sustain life. So with their high technology, they plan an escape through a super-massive blackhole, to a universe unknown to them. Some of the lyrics reflect this.

Anyways, that was sort of what we were going for.


Thanks again!