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i ordered a ps4 off amazon they said it would come before christmas then i got a message saying it would come after christmas then they have me a message saying it i still coming before christmas what is going on

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Punctuation, dude.

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Sounds like it's coming before Christmas

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I fail to see how that's "getting screwed". You ordered an item with high demand less than a month before christmas and the availability is unpredictable.

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My drone got shot down on the way to my house, now I have to go do a favor for Marv, the local mechanic, so he can lend me a dune buggy to retrieve my package from the wasteland..(downtown)

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Its coming before Christmas, and you call that getting screwed?

I fear what your reaction will be to actually getting screwed.

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Well it's certainly weird that they'd have issues with Persona 4 orders.

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yeah man the PS4's are just sitting in their warehouses collecting dust they're just fucking with you also while I'm at it fuck periods commas can suck it too

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I just noticed that the PS4 I had ordered the day after their "...will arrive before Christmas" cut-off date will now indeed arrive in a few days time rather than next year.

Those rotten fiends!

I mean, now I have to buy some games for it.

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@snail said:

Well it's certainly weird that they'd have issues with Persona 4 orders.

That's what I first thought as well, TS should update the title

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@snail: I was also going to make that joke, but you beat me to it and now I have nothing to live for. Thanks.

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Considering they just put more up for sale, I'd be mad if I'd ordered before today and didn't get it until after Christmas.

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No. Of course not. I preordered mine from Amazon months ago as soon as the price was announced during their reveal event. Mine showed up on time on release day in perfect condition. Just like my Xbox one.

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@fobwashed: I love that drew pic. He has such an emotive face. It's always funny to see him go from stone cold stare to that at the drop of a hat.

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this is why u should always pre order things straight off the bat.