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#101 Posted by Corvak (1128 posts) -

Needless hoarding. I'll find rare ultra healing item, or limited supply super weapon and there it will sit in my inventory as the credits roll.

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Not using consumables in fear that I'll need them later. Stuff like Potions, Bandages, Grenades, extra weapons and ammo types in RPGs. Even Flare Guns and Flares in Alan Wake, and they didn't even carry over from episode to episode.

Which feeds into....

Hoarding loot! I'm always one ounce below encumbered, carrying way to much stuff I could just use or sell or throw away. Fallout, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma, you name it...

Add Instant Reload Complex to that as well, although playing DayZ and ArmA I'm getting better at that, because the shooting is much more tactical and strategic... So I've began to be more conscious of the number of bullets left in regards to reload times and details like that. And reloading is not so important in a game where it takes 2-3 bullets to kill guys, no?

#103 Edited by Captain_Felafel (1576 posts) -

Yeah, starting new games when I'm halfway through another game and then never finishing that game.

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@corvak: oh god that 100x over.

I had a realization a few years ago. Get epic gun *save game* go crazy with it. *reload save* carry on

#105 Posted by baka_shinji17 (268 posts) -

1. If asked a question and I get the answer wrong, I have to reload and put in the right one.

2. Constantly reloading on stealth sections.

#106 Posted by Herk (194 posts) -

I keep up with gaming news and frequent gaming websites but only actually sit down to play like 4-5 games a year. I feel like all this time spent to stay in the loop of what's going on could be drastically reduced.

#107 Posted by HiMyNameIsGandalf (6 posts) -

A really bad habit of mine in Games is that I want to avoid digital death at all cost. I'm being super conscious about every move and try to save the game whenever possible. While I managed to reduce this fear in the last time it still keeps me from fully enjoying certain games...

#108 Posted by SittingDuckz (17 posts) -

I save my game WAY too much, I also have a bad habit of reloading my weapon every time I shoot it

#109 Posted by natedynamic (65 posts) -



Help me. Heeeeeeeelp me.

#110 Edited by sku (39 posts) -

Medium attacks in Killer Instinct. Guess who gets combo broken like every match?

#111 Posted by micemoney (150 posts) -

@herk said:

I keep up with gaming news and frequent gaming websites but only actually sit down to play like 4-5 games a year. I feel like all this time spent to stay in the loop of what's going on could be drastically reduced.

I share the same habit. For some reason it takes me forever to actually fire a game up. Once I do I can play for hours. It's so weird, it's like I over think game playing sometimes. Getting better at cutting that out though. I think it sorda has to do with me not having as much time to game as I once did.

#112 Posted by Otogi (263 posts) -

I try to squeeze every bit of content out of a game, to the point where I'll pull up a wiki or gamefaqs to get everything, ruining a lot of the surprise and sometimes the enjoyment.

#113 Posted by AndrewB (7670 posts) -

In a game that allows old-school quicksaves, I save every couple of steps, so long as the game holds up to the term "quick"save.

I'm generally the sort of person that never uses consumables, but I've been curbing that practice lately.

I find it hard to truly role-play in RPGs because the rewards for being good or evil sometimes vary drastically and I like to min-max for XP/the best items.

#114 Posted by oompaville (29 posts) -
#115 Edited by development (2450 posts) -

I have Jeff's "don't stop for nothin'" disease. I need speed. Need it. It causes me to always be moving, speeding from one objective to the next. I miss really beautiful landscapes and scenery.

I've been watching a playthrough of Dark Souls 2 by someone who plays completely differently, stopping all the time, surveying her surroundings, and reading every items' descriptions after she picks them up. It's really amazing how better prepared those kinds of people are for a game like that in contrast to people like me, who use brute force and trial and error at max speed.

edit: Oh, it's another old thread. Hello, old thread.

#116 Posted by VoshiNova (1699 posts) -

@devwil: Please play POrtal 2. Please play POrtal 2.

If you enjoyed Portal at all, you will have a fantastic time.

Although, you probably already knew that....

I have a problem with....well.....sometimes when I die in a game....I die in real life. Just a little bit.

Now I'm a crippled shell of a human being...all because of Dark Souls.

#117 Edited by Ravelle (1326 posts) -

Yes, I don't finish most of them.

#118 Posted by Nights (615 posts) -

I play a lot of games, but I rarely finish them. In fact, the last time I completed a game was back in the summer of 2012 when I beat MGS: 2 for the umpteenth time. Before that I couldn't tell you what the last game I finished was.

#119 Posted by Zleunamme (688 posts) -

Reloading save in Skyrim if companion in Skyrim died. I would tell the companion to wait at a safe distance before going into a combat situation.

Breaking controllers out of frustration and cussing a storm. This only happened when I was playing Madden NFL. I would get so worked up with the game, I lost my temper. That was before I understood the concept of rubber band A.I. I hardly played Madden in the PS3 era. After a while replacing controllers got to be expensive. I stopped slamming them to the ground.

Trying to do every side quest in open world games then lose interest in finishing the main story.

Starting a game then get side tracked playing another game and not going back to the first game.

Hoarding supplies like heath kits, weapons, armor and ammunition. Then selling or throwing them because of lack inventory space.

#120 Posted by HIMSteveO (18 posts) -

My worst one is feeling like I'm close to the end of a game (mainly shorter ones...) and having to finish it at that time rather than come back to it and finish it later. As a result, the last 10-20% of some games become frustrating as hell because I'm missing things or wanting to be done so I don't forget something or boot up a game only to have 5 minutes left to play. It happened this weekend with Strider - basically everything after the resurrected version of Solo pissed me off because of things I wasn't getting or I was trying to rush. Caused me to start disliking it (or most certainly the last section) by the time I'd finished (a reaction that, in retrospect, is not fair - I liked Strider). It happened with Dishonored, Spec Ops: The Line, the first Uncharted, and the Exile add-on to Hard Reset, just to name a few

That's probably my worst one, and one I'd really like to get rid of...

#121 Edited by Bunnellius (86 posts) -

@ahmadmetallic said:

I must scan every inch of a given level, room or cave. I kinda ruin the focus and the experience by stepping on every reachable square meter

That's kind of mine too, excessive compulsive thoroughness. I sort of hate exploring dungeons because of the ocd. Also, trying to trigger every npc dialogue option in the game is another permutation of that. People get really annoyed when they watch me play any kind of rpg.