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I'm in bed watching The Descent (2005) because I read on these very forums that the new Tomb Raider borrows a lot from its visual style, and I loved that game.

"The Descent" SPOILERS ahead:

However, neither the atmosphere of the movie nor the white Gollum-esque beasts in their underground den are doing it for me because I've been there several times in video games. I'm looking at Sarah while she remains still looking at the beasts around her in the dark through her night vision camera and just thinking that she should grab an engineer plasma cutter and chop those white fleshy Dead Space 2 babies to bits. Or burn the Gravier looking ones with Igni and then one-hit-kill them using a silver sword.

Talkin' bout these:

I'm thinking that had I not played a video game that showed me such creatures and allowed me to stomp them I'd be more terrified or shocked right now. However I'm just carelessly looking at the screen thinking of all the ways I'd handled the situation in a video game.

Is this a problem for you as well?

Regardless of whether the movie is good or bad, I'm pretty sure the thing I mentioned above is supposed to have a scary near-death-ish shock value.

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Sort of. I don't watch movies often enough to say if its a problem for me.

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No, but it dose ruin a lot of games, sometimes I will find myself just pointing out game mechanics. Although to be fair, I am a designer by trade, so I am often tasked with finding ways to give feedback. So I am often criticizing, or observing other ways people, or interfaces give feedback.

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Not really. The enjoyment I get out of horror movies differs from the enjoyment I get out of games. I've been watching horror movies since I was practically a baby and I've never been scared of them. I like watching them usually to see people get fucked up in gruesome ways. Games, on the other hand, I play because of how terrifying they can be. I was scared shitless playing through the old Resident Evils and Silent Hills as a kid, and I loved that. I don't know if it's just because I've gotten older, that real horror games are so few and far between these days, or a combination of two, but I find it hard to even be scared by games these days. I still view horror films the same way I always have, though.

That said, The Descent is probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. It's literally the only movie to make me that uncomfortable throughout and get me with just about every single one of its jump scares. Love that film.

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Personally, I'm not a big fan of horror movies (games on the other hand...). For me I wouldn't say that games ruined the horror, more so that the movies ruined horror games. I generally don't watch horror movies for the simple fact that most of them aren't scary. To me jump-scares and gratuitous gore isn't scary, and that's what the genre tends to put out for the most part. I do enjoy psychological horror and it's something you don't see much of these days, in movies or games. The movie 'Cube' was fantastic, and games like Silent Hill 1 & 2 and Condemned were great, and I love it when something comes out in this genre that I enjoy. Unfortunately, as of late horror seems to be synonymous with shock-value scenes, and the aforementioned jump-scares and gratuitous gore, and to me that's not scary, just unnecessary.

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I think the fact that I've watched horror movies since I was a young child probably ruined the shock of horror movies for me. But games don't have anything to do with film. Apples and oranges, man. Apples and oranges.